Are you too busy to do a weekly garbage run?

If you simply don't have time to handle this chore, consider having us do it for you. We specialize in weekly scheduled collection of bagged garbage, leaving you time to do those things that are more important or relaxing.


We can take your paper recyclables to the recycling centre. This category can include papers that are clean, unwaxed and without plastic lining. No strings are allowed. Cereal boxes must not have cereal or bags inside. Clean cardboard is acceptable if not waxed. Please ensure that your boxes are flattened.


We can take containers that were sold at retail containing liquids. Among other sources, this can be most anything found in a grocery store, made of metal, plastic or cardboard. Notable exceptions are pesticide and paint.


If you wish you can put deposits out for removal, but it may be to your advantage to take it to Williams Lake Bottle Depot yourself to get the full refund.


We will haul your garbage to the dump and it will be handled from there according to the Regional District's guidelines.

How much does it now cost you to haul your own garbage?

Have you considered the value of the time it takes to haul your own trash to the dump? Click the link below for a direction finder that will allow you to input your address. You can find the distance and required time to arrive at the Transfer Station. You can now estimate the value of a trip to the dump and back to your home or business.

Dump Address: 5025 Frizzi Rd

To Calculate the distance open the larger map by clicking the button below and add your starting point. The google map will show you the distance you should cover.

Click Here to Get the Distance and Time